New resources page

Dear Colleagues, 

It has been wonderful to see and connect with many of you the past two weeks during our first CDO Check-in and the Future of Healthcare and Justice webinar. The CDO Check-in served as a space for our members to ask questions, share ideas, and be reminded that we are not alone in this exhausting, difficult time. I want to thank everyone involved in hosting this restorative event, particularly the professional development committee. I look forward to another CDO check-in in December. 

On October 4, our Health Professions and Legal Professions chapters co-hosted a robust conversation on how the SCOTUS decision on race-conscious admissions impacts the healthcare and legal fields. The discussion shined a light on how far-reaching the consequences of this decision are, and reminded us to form coalitions and relationships wherever possible so that we can better share strategies and ideas for moving forward. Thank you to the chapter leaders, panelists, and all who attended this important conversation. 

In this spirit of enhanced idea and information sharing, NADOHE has published a new resources page, which will be updated with resources from within and outside of the Association. We believe these resources will be helpful to our members as we navigate legislative attacks on our work. I strongly encourage you to view the new page and hope you will find the included information useful as you plan and consider how to forge ahead.

The NADOHE community is advocating with and for you.


Paulette Granbery Russell, J.D.

President and CEO