NADOHE On The Road

NADOHE On The Road

From Seattle to New York, NADOHE is Active in the Battle Against Legislative Attacks

Throughout the 2023-24 academic year, the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) has been active in the battle against legislative attacks on diversity, equity, and inclusion work in the U.S. The Association has been invited onto campuses, to conferences, and to partner organization convenings to advocate for NADOHE members, build important partnerships, and offer guidance for both the private and public sectors on how we continue striving for inclusive excellence in the current environment. 

As a sign of NADOHE’S growing influence, President Paulette Granberry Russell attended over 20 speaking engagements in just four months, including in-person and virtual keynote presentations and panel discussions from Seattle, Washington, to New York City. 

“It is an honor to be invited to represent NADOHE and CDOs across the nation at these panels and events,” Granberry Russell said. “Being invited to meet and collaborate with wonderful organizations and individuals gives me hope about the future of diversity and higher education. It tells me we are not alone in our concern for that future and that we have partners in this fight.”

Paulette Granberry Russell seated on stage with 3 other panelists and a moderator. Screen behind them reads, "Have a question for our keynote speaker and panel? Email it to

Paulette Granberry Russell stands at podium with panel of 3 individuals seated next to her, including NADOHE board member Christopher Whitt.

Paulette Granberry Russell seated on stage in the center of four panelists and an interpreter during the Global Inclusion Conference by Diversity Abroad in Chicago, Illinois.

Photo of Paulette Granberry Russell and two other panelists speaking on stage for the Council of Independent Colleges 2023 Institute for Chief Academic Officers.