Statement on the SCOTUS Decision on Student Loan Forgiveness

June 30, 2023

The Supreme Court’s decision today presents yet another obstacle for the more than 40 million borrowers seeking relief from the burden of student loans. As we stated in March, student loan forgiveness advances equity. To build diverse and inclusive campuses and boost generational wealth, higher education must be affordable and accessible. A college degree makes social mobility more possible, but debt impedes this dream. 

While we are disappointed in today’s decision, we also know that regardless of how the Court ruled, broader systemic reforms would still be needed to put higher education within reach for more students. Debt relief is an important solution, particularly for Black and Brown students who leave college with higher amounts of debt than their peers, and for women, who hold two-thirds of student loan debt. 

But more is needed. As leaders of the national conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we encourage Congress to explore legislative fixes to the affordability crisis in higher education, such as increasing funding for the Pell Grant program and expanding eligibility for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. We also encourage institutions to look inward for solutions, such as allocating more budget resources to financial aid programs and to ones that help students access an equitable educational experience. 


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