Statement on Carrying Forward Dr. King's Legacy

January 12, 2023

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we encourage all to adjust their daily routines and take time to reflect on the extraordinary life and work of Dr. King and the work that is yet to be done in order to fully realize his vision of a “Beloved Community,” where peace, justice, love and trust prevail. 

We are in a challenging time for justice, as even mere discussion of diversity, equity and inclusion in classrooms is under threat in some states. We encourage our members to be inspired by Dr. King’s legacy and ideals as they prepare for the year ahead, with all it may bring — from a Supreme Court decision striking down the legality of race-conscious admissions practices foundational to broadening access to higher education or to increasingly dangerous political rhetoric attacking diversity, equity, inclusivity and related scholarship. The King Center offers a number of educational resources on enacting nonviolent social change and educating all on the tenets of civic discourse and civil disobedience.  We also encourage members to participate in the National Day of Racial Healing on January 17 through engaging their campus communities in conversations and raising awareness of the importance of the day and its intent.

NADOHE is committed to its work to ensure inclusive excellence is at the core of every institution of higher education. We work for greater access and affordability, so that more students can gain from the opportunities that a college degree offers. We strive for safer campus environments, so that students and employees can be protected from discrimination and targeted violence based on their identities. We are unapologetically dedicated to advancing social justice. And, importantly, we are educating the next generation of leaders who will carry this work forward in the years to come, just as Dr. King inspired so many to join him in his work to pursue justice and love for all. 


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