NADOHE Shares Federal Resources to Advance Diversity in Higher Education

A message from Paulette Granberry Russell, J.D.,President and Interim CEO, NADOHE:

Today, the U.S. Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights and the U.S. Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division announced the release of two resources to help colleges and universities better understand the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. President and Fellows of Harvard College and Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. the University of North Carolina et al. (collectively “SFFA”). (Read the full press release here).

As institutions review the opinion and consider its impact and approaches in response to the decision, one of our concerns has been interpretations that extend beyond what may be necessary to remain in compliance with the law. We recognize that institutions should and will consult with their legal counsel, but please read the "Dear Colleague Letter" and other resources that are provided by the joint guidance. You should find them useful.  NADOHE will continue our review of the guidance, as well. 

Lastly, please put a hold on your calendar for the upcoming August 30, 2-3:30 p.m. EDT. NADOHE Webinar: Analyzing the SCOTUS Opinion on Race-Conscious Admissions. We will distill the key features of the majority, concurring, and dissenting opinions, providing a comprehensive analysis of the ruling and its impact. We'll also delve into the legal developments post-decision, including the threats issued to higher education institutions by diversity, equity, and inclusion opponents. Register today.

We are in this fight together. NADOHE is committed to supporting members like you and standing up for your valuable, life-changing work.