NADOHE Statement of Support for Doubling the Pell Grant

May 19, 2022

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) is joining the growing coalition of higher education organizations and advocacy groups calling on Congress to double the Pell Grant. As the Pell Grant celebrates its 50th anniversary in May 2022, we recognize the legacy of the program as the foundation of the nation’s federal aid system, offering more equal access to education for millions of low-income Americans each year. 

To build diverse and inclusive campuses, college education must be affordable and accessible to students. Historically and to the present day, admission policies have kept students of color out of most institutions of higher education in part due to affordability and financial constraints.

This is an issue that disproportionately impacts students of color. Nearly 60% of Black students, half of Native American students, and nearly half of Latino students use Pell Grants to help pay for college. Doubling the Pell Grant would address the gap between the costs of higher education and the decreasing power of federal financial aid, making a college degree more accessible for the next generation of American students and reducing the burden of student loan debt. This will ensure a diverse workforce that represents the full spectrum of American perspectives and talents.

We applaud the Biden Administration's proposed budget that would double the Pell Grant maximum to $13,000 by 2029 and ensure a college degree is affordable and achievable for those who have traditionally been excluded. We call on Congress to take action now to ensure that higher education remains accessible to all, regardless of financial ability, and that social mobility is possible for succeeding generations. 

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