Statement on Honoring Black Resistance

February 7, 2023

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education celebrates Black History Month and expresses its gratitude for the Black heroes and leaders who have contributed to our shared American history and culture. 

We encourage reflection on this year’s Black History Month theme: “Black Resistance.” This theme pays tribute to the tenacity of Black institutions, organizations and individuals to advocate for justice and “get in good trouble, necessary trouble,” even when facing steep struggles. NADOHE seeks to honor this history by carrying forward this legacy of resistance. We stand in community with our members, particularly in this time when our profession is under attack by politicians in several states, and when even the very ability to learn about Black history is threatened. 

We urge everyone in the higher education community to join us in our efforts for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion. In championing this mission, we honor the sacrifices and achievements of those Black Americans who came before us, and the foundation they left us to continue this vital work. 


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