New Student Member Spotlight

Ida I. Jones, MPA

What is your major within your institution?

I am currently a PhD candidate at Jackson State University majoring in Urban Higher Education concentrating in Diversity and Inclusion. 

What would you want the world to know about your commitment to diversity? 

I currently live and work in Richmond, Virginia.  After completing an assignment for my diversity in higher education course I reached out to the Chief Diversity Officer at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), Dr. Wanda Mitchell.  I reached out to Dr. Mitchell to seek wisdom and guidance from a knowledgeable professional working in the field.  I expressed my research interest to her and my desire to work as a change agent in higher education and she’s been an excellent mentor and resource to me.  Her commitment to diversity and willingness to help me deepened my commitment to promote and foster a climate of equity, diversity and inclusiveness in all that I do.

Why did you join NADOHE?

I joined NADOHE because as a student I believe networking with professionals who are working within the field are invaluable experiences that one cannot  necessarily get within the classroom context.

What do you hope to gain from your NADOHE membership?

I am excited about attending the annual conference this year and in the future I look forward to presenting my research on the perceptions of talent management diversity initiatives initiated by Chief Diversity Officers