New Member Spotlight
Dr. Kristi J. Kelly


What is your title and role within your institution?

Chief Diversity Officer and Director of Multicultural Student Services

What would you want the world to know about your institution’s commitment to diversity?

Rooted in its Catholic identity and Lasallian heritage, Lewis University sees its mission and commitment to diversity (and inclusion) as an inextricable bond in that we treasure each member of the community and value human dignity.

Why did you join NADOHE?

My purpose for joining NADOHE rests on lifelong learning. To this point, I hope to develop and sharpen my skills in order to do this important and very necessary transformative work. Another reason for joining includes my goal of being a contributor to the Association and the field as a whole.

What do you hope to gain from your NADOHE membership?

Similar to my response on why I joined NADOHE, I hope to gain knowledge and enhance holistically. Aside from the previously mentioned, acquiring relationships that are meaningful and that positively impact the world in which we live are additional gains that I wish to achieve.