New Member Spotlight

Sheritta A. Strong, MD, DFAPA - Academic Psychiatrist 

 What is your title and role within your institution?

Interim Director of Inclusion
University of Nebraska Medical Center

 What would you want the world to know about your institution’s commitment to diversity?

There are many units and colleges on campus engaged in diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts on campus. UNMC needs a concerted effort, therefore a great step is appointing a director to this role. 

Why did you join NADOHE?

NADOHE has a wealth of knowledge and resources; I would like to immerse myself in the community and teachings within NADOHE to assist with our success in diversity efforts on campus.

What do you hope to gain from your NADOHE membership?

Making connections with individuals regionally and across the country would help me gain the most from this membership by increasing my knowledge and insight in the DEI space from the newsletters, webinars, and the journal.  I would also like to be a resource for others in the future.