NADOHE Applauds the NCAA's Commitment for Achieving Greater Ethnic and Racial Diversity, Gender Equity and Inclusion in Intercollegiate Athletics


On September 21, 2016, the NCAA announced the issuance of an online pledge statement for all presidents and chancellors to affirm their commitment to achieving ethnic, racial, and gender diversity, with a special emphasis on the hiring process for athletics in Divisions I, II, and III. 

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education wholeheartedly supports this pledge and its stated purpose. Click here to read the full statement

The pledge states:

"Consistent with our mission and values, Mark Emmert, President of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), pledges to specifically commit to establishing initiatives for achieving ethnic and racial diversity, gender equity and inclusion with a focus and emphasis on hiring practices in intercollegiate athletics to reflect the diversity of our membership and our nation.

"We recognize and value the experiences individuals from diverse backgrounds bring to intercollegiate athletics. To that end, we will strive to identify, recruit and interview individuals from diverse backgrounds in an effort to increase their representation and retention as commissioners, athletics directors, coaches and other athletics leadership positions. As part of this commitment we will also engage in a regular diversity, inclusion and equity review to inform campus policy and diversity initiatives. We understand this to be a collective responsibility we owe to student-athletes, staff, our athletics programs and the entire campus community."

"NADOHE members at colleges and universities across the country, work diligently on a daily basis promoting, advancing, and monitoring hiring practices and outcomes on our campuses.  We applaud the NCAA for reaffirming its commitment by specifically acknowledging the commitment necessary by our institutions to establish initiatives that will achieve greater racial and ethnic diversity, gender equity and overall inclusion in intercollegiate athletics in higher education" said Archie Ervin, NADOHE President. 

Leading Higher Education Towards Inclusive Excellence


Leading Higher Education Towards Inclusive Excellence