***Presidential Announcement ***

Review and Revision of  
NADOHE's Standards of Professional Practice for CDOs in Higher Education

September 2018

Dear NADOHE Colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Directors of NADOHE, I am pleased to announce the appointment of a Presidential Task Force to review, revise and update NADOHE's Standards of Professional Practice for CDOs in Higher Education published in the Journal of Diversity in Higher Education (2014).  This was a historical step toward the professionalization of the field in higher education. 

The professionalization of the chief diversity officer role in higher education has been the subject of conversation since the inception of NADOHE as an organization in 2007. Similar to other fields, standards of professional practice are "living documents," and are subject to periodic review and enhancement based on issues occurring within higher education and the evolving nature and roles of the CDO in different contexts. The NADOHE Board has authorized me to convene a Presidential Task Force to review the current standards. This Task Force will be led by Roger L. Worthington, University of Maryland, College Park, Christine A. Stanley, Texas A&M University, and Daryl Smith, Claremont Graduate University. 

Similar to the process undertaken in 2012 with the current standards, the work of the Task Force will include:

  • A review and evaluation of existing standards documents for other professions
  • An open dialogue with the membership at the 2019 annual conference in March
  • Feedback gathered during the annual Standards of Professional Practice Institute (SPPI) in June
  • A revision and refinement of the document and more membership feedback before submission to the Board for review and approval

This process is expected to occur over the next two years and I encourage all NADOHE members to engage with the Task Force to enhance our standards, through the opportunities when presented.


Archie W. Ervin, PhD
President, NADOHE