NADOHE Recognizes Inclusive Excellence Award Recipients During
Its 2017 Annual Conference

The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) recently recognized the 2017 Inclusive Excellence Award recipients during its annual conference, March 13 – 15, 2017, Washington, DC.

According to NADOHE President, Archie W. Ervin, "The intent of NADOHE’s Inclusive Excellence Awards is to recognize and promote innovative strategies and tactics designed to achieve inclusive excellence in higher education. We are delighted to recognize this year’s Inclusive Excellence Award recipients and their institutions for their stellar accomplishments with moving the needle toward inclusive excellence practices within American higher education.”

The 2017 Inclusive Excellence Award Winners are:

Dr. Jason F. Kirksey, Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
Oklahoma State University
Dr. Frank W. Hale, Jr. Distinguished Service Award 
This is awarded to an individual who is distinguished in higher education, through a robust record of consistent service, for inclusive excellence; exercising innovative and courageous leadership; serving as a visionary in the field; and exemplifying the philosophy, principles, and practices of NADOHE; and contributing substantially to diversity and inclusive excellence in higher education. This award was named in memory of Dr. Frank W. Hale, former vice provost for minority affairs and professor at Ohio State University. Dr. Hale is remembered as a tireless crusader, of 54 years, for diversity in higher education and leaves behind a distinguished legacy.


Indiana University Bloomington Institutional Excellence Award
This award recognizes the results of institutional leadership transformation. It is given to an institutional member that has demonstrated measurable progress in promoting and sustaining innovative diversity efforts within his/her campus community. These efforts may involve, but are not limited to, institutional leadership, curricular reform, institutional transformation, professional development, assessment policies and practices, accountability measures, and outreach efforts. 


Dr. Curtis Ivery, President, Wayne County Community College District
Individual Leadership Award 
This award is presented to a NADOHE member for outstanding contributions to research, administration, practice, advocacy and/or policy, and whose work informs and advances the understanding of diversity and inclusive excellence in higher education.


Dr. DeWitt Scott
Chicago State University
Outstanding Dissertation Award 
This award recognizes a completed dissertation, either quantitative or qualitative, that has contributed substantially to the literature and to the field of diversity and inclusive in higher education. The dissertation should serve as exemplary model of research that not only inform, but also elevate the discourse. Research may include, but is not limited to, campus diversity initiatives, curricular transformation, the impact of professional development, roles and responsibilities for chief diversity officers, influence of technology on diversity/equity, funding, and local and national policies and practices.

About NADOHE - The National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) serves as the preeminent voice for diversity officers in higher education. Its vision is to lead higher education towards inclusive excellence through institutional transformation. NADOHE currently has approximately 600 individual and institutional members. For more information, please call 561-472-8479 or visit


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